We all know that dental hygiene is extremely important and general dentistry is often the first line of defense not just for oral health but for overall hygiene too. Usually, as a young child, we only remember the chair and the doctor and then maybe the bubble gum tasting toothpaste. It isn’t until our adult years that we truly begin to understand why dental hygiene is essential. The most important thing we can do is to clean the teeth and keep them healthy. Brushing our teeth, flossing and mouthwash in our daily routine is just the beginning of taking preventative measures for other health concerns. Without the proper care we run the risk of gum disease and other conditions to evolve. That is what we are here to help with!

At The Rifkin Dental Group, we don’t just inspect your teeth. We will look at the entire mouth and surrounding areas in order to ensure the best care. Our dentists will give you tips on how to brush, what kind of toothbrush to use, how to floss and other aspects of dental hygiene, including nutritional advice.

General dentistry is looked at and considered to be routine health maintenance. It is so much more than that. A general dentist is also a key figure when considering the overall health of a patient. They are the first ones who can detect different forms of mouth cancer while it is still in the early treatable stages. General dentists also have the ability to look for and detect other conditions such as periodontal disease and neurological disorders. Neurological disorders often originate in the jaw area and can be detected by a dentist earlier than most doctors.

Throughout the years, studies have shown that gum diseases have also led to other serious conditions such as heart disease or heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, dementia, arthritis and in some cases, premature birth. These are just a few examples to show just how important dental hygiene is to each and every one of us.

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