Nobody wants to deal with dental issues, and it’s event more frustrating when you’re not sure if your symptoms are part of a larger issue. After all, sometimes symptoms are less helpful and instead mask larger problems that need to be dealt with quickly to avoid further issues. Here are a few common problems and their symptoms.Tooth SensitivityTook a sip of your favorite milkshake and felt that pain in your tooth? Ouch! Tooth sensitivity is fairly common as it affects millions of people. Some people experience tooth sensitivity with brushing and flossing, and some people experience it with cold drinks, hot drinks, and sweets. Sensitive teeth can be easily treated, but it also can be a sign of a tooth abscess or even a cracked tooth. If your tooth sensitivity comes up quickly and without warning, it’s best to make a dental appointment to see if anything needs to be treated.Bad BreathIf you’ve ever been around someone who chronically has bad breath, you can agree it isn’t the most pleasant aroma. Instead of offering them a tic-tac, consider the causes of the bad breath. Some common causes are cavities, oral cancer, gum disease, and bacteria on the tongue. Although mouth wash can help mask the issue, it doesn’t do anything to help cure it. Instead, ask your dentist which issue is causing your symptom.ToothachesAches are different from tooth sensitivity, but they are just as, if not more, painful. Most tooth issues and emergencies can be avoided by visiting your dentist regularly, but sometimes accidents happen! A broken or cracked tooth can happen unexpectedly and cause tremendous amounts of pain. If your toothache or a tooth abscess is causing a fever or difficulty swallowing, it’s best to get to emergency care immediately. With a better understanding of symptoms, the causes are a little easier to recognize as you work to keep your teeth healthy and happy! Don’t let anything that causes significant pain go unattended for prolonged amount of time as it can always turn into something larger down the road.

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